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PDO threads

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Ageing of the skin is not the inevitable process what it used to be couple of decades ago. Nowadays more and more techniques became available to slow it down. The skin on our face is especially delicate area, exposed to pollution and various environmental conditions. The daily use of moisturisers only hydrates the very surface of the skin, but cannot provide more. The elasticity and firmness gradually diminishes with age and of course a lot depends on lifestyle and genetics as well.
However, there is still a lot we can do!

After spending many years with research in the area of skin care, non-surgical treatments got to a stage where there are procedures with low cost, yet great effectiveness. This is an ever growing area, new products and techniques discovered one after the other. However, the preventional/correctional methods we sell come with easy, virtually painless administration, reasonable costs. Thread lifting with PDO sutures and the use of hyaluronic-acid based fillers yet give excellent results, can also be used in conjunction.

The main ingredient that keeps the skin plump and young is a protein called collagen. Produced by cells namely fibroblasts located in the dermis layer or the skin. Unfortunately this production gradually slows down after the age of 25, but the use of absorbable PDO threads can promote the collagen synthesis intensely. The insertion of COG and molding COG implants provide immediate strong lifting as well and a gradual overall improvement. Naturally, any area of the body can be treated where necessary, such as abdomen, flabby arms or buttocks.


These are the amazing results after the use of mono and COG threads seen in younger and older patient. The first photo was made right after the procedure, the second after 4 months.

Before, treatment plan, 4 month after treatment
Before, treatment plan, 4 month after treatment
Before, treatment plan, 4 month after treatment
Before, treatment plan, 4 month after treatment

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The use of PDO mono and COG threads can greatly improve the appearance of wrinkles and the tone of loose skin, giving the patients youthful looks and confidence back!


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