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Preventive and Regenerative treatments for women and men


During this great exfoliating treatment peach fuzz and dead skin cells are removed with a help of a small scalpel. Subsequent sessions result in glowing, radiant skin complexion, fine lines and imperfections will be less apparent. Acne breakouts can be prevented, while optimal surface created where ingredients can penetrate the skin more effectively. Recommended as part of your regime in every 4-6 weeks! (pr. £45)


Has wide range of dermatological applications, comes with an outstanding change of the area been treated. When performed with high quality equipment and adjusted for the patients needs, only one session can show significant improvement. Using the patients own blood through a procedure that leaves biologically active proteins in optimal concentration to use, new collagen will be continually produced over the months after treatment. Skin tone and texture will gradually improve, medium or even deep wrinkles will diminish, fill up from the inside giving natural result. Can be used at any place of the body where improvement needed. (price varies between £130 and £200 depending on the size of the area treated)

PRP for hair loss and regrowth

Regrowing quality hair that stays is a slow process. Few sessions might be needed on the bald area, however large improvement of hair thickness and density can be achieved over a few months period. There are many different reasons of hair loss, but PRP can only boost up the effect of any medication already taken for healthy hair restoration. (pr. £120)

Microneedling with Dermapen

Probably one of the most effective and affordable antiaging, collagen induction method existing. During this procedure very fine needles penetrate the skin, while high quality skincare products administered to the deeper layers of the skin for maximum effect. Can be used on face, neck, for strias on the body and moderately loose skin, that will gradually get back its elasticity after a course of sessions. Topical anaesthetic used prior to the needling, no discomfort or pain experienced. (pr. face £120, face and neck £180)


Fillers can give instant and lasting results, plump and contour lips, enhance facial volume and remove even the deep wrinkles. Adding volume with the “less is more” approach, spectacular changes can be achieved where the youthful appearance restored and still looks natural. Results can last up to 18 months, depending on several factors including the lifestyle of the patient and the brand/type of the filler used. (pr. varies with personal needs, also with the filler brand used)

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